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Category: Injectors

Arma2/3/DayZ SA Injector

This injector was “Given” to me by a couple of people one called Mark and another called Alibaba.Best coders ever.Bellow install full and free version of Arma2/3/DayZ SA Injector. Please, do not ask how to use it or what to do.. im leaving it up to people who can be bothered to fix it for themselves….

PayDay 1 & 2 Hook v3.1.1

So, yeah…me and my inferiority and passive aggressiveness discovered this From my biggest fan club (and people who still blame me for being banned )….. ChangeLogs…eh, f**k em, right Harf? Major ones: -PD2APIDLLx.dll support is gone. — Someone is jelly -All native C/C++ DLLs must now be placed in “lib/Native” (within the game directory) —…

LagSwitch – Injector

Description: I made this little customizable toolbar that might make your life easier when idk, perhaps developing somethingor hacking a game Why d3d? Well in the past months i have developed multiple applications but with 100% d3d UI and i love doing it. Much easier that a win32 GUI.. I am planning to add more…

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